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How would you like...

* to have endless career opportunities?

* to build your own schedule?

* to have your income reflect your work?

* to avoid working in an office?

* to have the ability to support yourself & family?

* to have the possibility of working with celebrities?

* to help people feel better about themselves?

* to meet amazing people?

* to only take college courses in your field -

no general ed classes?

* to get into your workforce career sooner?

* to be a part of the beauty industry?

* to be in a recession proof career?

* to have a career that grows with you?

* to have skills that others need and want?

* to be a professional; hair, make-up, nails & acrylics?

* to attend college full or part time per your schedule?

* to have no weekend classes?

* to be a college graduate who is DEBT free?

Become a licensed cosmetologist in less than a year.

Become a licensed nail tech in 4 months.


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